Adventures of a Bird-Shit Foreigner
Sulayman X

Format: Paperback 209 pages
Date of publication: 2006
Publisher: Alyson Publications Inc.,U.S.
ISBN: 9781555839826

This is a searing portrait of a young American-Thai man struggling with his sexual identity. Isa is the product of a GI from Kansas City and a prostitute mother, and Thai society can be cruel to those not of pure breeding - they are called "bird-****" foreigners. Tossed out by his family, the struggling gay teen learns to live on the street with a local gang before ultimately finding refuge with a local clergyman and his family. Beautifully written and evocative of setting, here is fiction that truly touches the heart.

Sulayman X is a pen name for Nick Wilgus, a writer and senior sub-editor for the “Outlook” section of the Bangkok Post. He is the author of Bilal's Bread, Mindfulness and Murder and Garden of Hell. He has lived in Bangkok for more than a decade.

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