Bangkok Blondes
The Bangkok Women's Writers Group

Format: Paperback 236 pages
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: Bangkok Book House
ISBN: 9789740904274

Very few books on Thailand are written by women. 'Bangkok Blondes' is one of the first. It reflects the lives of creative women who live and write in Thailand - The Bangkok Women's Writers Group.

Bangkok Blondes shows you everything in the tourist package and more: Palms and Elephants, Ghostbusters, Confessions of a Shopaholic’s Aunt, The Last of the Great White Lovers, The Other Grandmas and even Survivor: Bangkok. Short stories, articles, essays and poems.

Edgy, humorous, and tell-it-like-it-is stories about women’s daily lives in a foreign land. Creatures of myth and creatures of pop-culture. Bangkok is stimulating, mysterious, full of adventures and surprises. It is a place of deep tradition and of rapid transformation. The Bangkok Women Writers explore it and its ever changing moods, day and night, rain and dry, ordinary lives and extraordinary circumstances.

Written in compelling, genuine, and diverse voices, the stories vividly reveal a new view approaching an evolving culture. As a whole, they capture the reality of a modern cosmopolitan city in an ancient land.

The Bangkok Women's Writers Group, which has been meeting in bars, coffee shops, and shopping malls twice monthly since 2000, has more than 30 members from a wide range of nationalities, both Asian and Western. The writers include professional journalists who have published widely in Thailand, Europe, Australia and the US, national and regional magazine editors, scriptwriters and award-winning poets and novelists.

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