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    Default Dear Marjorie Proops

    Room 304, Quality Hotel, The Hoe, Plymouth. One Night Room Only, "Special offer" £50. No Breakfast, No Massage, No swimming pool, nothing.

    At least it's a change from boring old Premier Inn's.

    As i sit at the desk in my "executive" room (it's not really, it's just a standard room in a standard British Hotel called "Quality"...God, how crap are our hotels compared to BKK ? -still i ain't paying so ..)


    Dear Marjorie,

    I am becoming a doddering old fart and i'm worried.

    My dithering is causing me concern. Gary (of Gary & Nok fame) is far too polite to say so but my dithering cost us £50 each (x3) the other day when looking to book flights for December. When Gary called me to tell me what he had found the "old" me would have said "book it". The older "older" me suggested looking at other Airline Agency's first - a Mistake which cost us.

    yes,still a good deal but my dithering cost us.

    Today i found a flight with Emirates from BHX to BKK, 18th June to 4th July, 466 quid, i dithered about again, missed it,and now the agents are talking 600 plus

    Marj. i'm becoming a dodderer, a doddering dithering old fart,in the words of my Thai liebling...What Can I do ?

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    Join the club owd pal

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    Harv, that must be your shortest post in the history of Thai-UK.

    Wolfy, get your bloody act together man. How can anyone dither so much about returning to LOS and all that it holds, especially as you have a wonderful girl there.

    June is too expensive! I know you would like to be there for her birthday but be practical, it's - just - too - expensive.

    I have just checked my dates and you can have Oman air at £397 with Get on there get it booked NOW
    Bye Bye EU Day 31st December 2020 (11 p.m.)


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