Paradise Lust
An Erotic Travelogue
Kit McCann

Format: Paperback 240 pages
Date of publication: July 2007
Publisher: Virgin Books
ISBN: 978-0753512661

Totally frank, Kit McCann charts his own uninhibited rake’s progress through the moonscape of lust and its pitfalls. Alternating between personal experiences and apocryphal tales narrated by red-eyed stumble-wrecks, he reveals the euphoric highs and the dark underbelly of the Land Of Smiles in ways that will delight, amuse, arouse and terrify. Because behind the glitzy sex industry, is the official doublethink which pretends sex isn’t for sale, the solemn absurdities of Thai bureaucracy, and a vast comedy of corruption, deceit, drugs, murder, despair, suicide, and above all, greed. He should know, he saw it all.

Kit McCann is a nomad with several passports, who has spent his life seeking somewhere warm, cheap and friendly. Wafting there by chance and inclination, he has made Thailand his home for the last eight years.

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