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    Question Where to go after tourist visa?

    Hi All

    Some of you may remember i posted a few months back a topic about my gf visa application with the embassy. I would like to say thanks for your advice as we used it for the last application which was successful, so many thanks

    This time i would like to know where my gf can go from a tourist visa? i know she cannot get an extension, so is there a way of getting leave to remain? when she returns will she be able to another tourist visa? would it be better to get a different type of visa?

    Just to let you now marriage has been on the cards for some time now so maybe a fiancé or marriage would help? I would also be alot better if she didnt have to leave the country again. Hope this isnt to much thanks

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    Hello boarbaboon. Glad the help was useful to you the first time round.

    As Vinny says, she cannot switch to another visa type unless she returns to Thailand. If you do not return to Thailand with her, then I think the fiance visa is her only option, unless she wants to wait 6 months to apply for another visitors visa.

    The fiance visa is only for 6 months, and you must marry in that time. Once married in UK, you can immediately apply for FLR (Further Leave to remain), which is of 2 years duration. You would follow this by applying for ILR.(Indefinite Leave to Remain)

    If you accompany her back to Thailand, and marry in Thailand, then you can apply for a 'marriage visa', also referred to as a 'spouse visa'. This will be of 2 years 3 months duration, from the date of issue in Bangkok. This would be the same as an FLR mentioned in the previous paragraph. Again, the next stage would be to apply for ILR.

    Hope this helps.



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