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 UK to the World 
Bangkok  5p/min
Bombay 10p/min
Dhaka 10p/min
Johannesburg  6p/min
Manila 15p/min
New York  5p/min
Paris  5p/min
Moscow  5p/min
Rio de Janeiro  5p/min
Sydney  5p/min

Use the search facility above for other destinations.

 Great Savings Now

          on international phone calls from your UK phone.

Example rates in pence per minute: Beijing 10p, Rome 5p, Berlin 5p, Hong Kong 5p, Tokyo 5p, Auckland 5p, Hawaii 5p, Alaska 5p, Kuala Lumpur 5p, Bangkok 5p, Thai Mobile 5p .....

How to use this service

  • From a BT, Cable, Mobile or Pay Phone dial the TUK Telecom Access Number corresponding to the worldwide destination you wish to call - for example Thailand mobile call 0844 555 0131
  • On connection you will hear “Please enter the number you wish to call”. Simply dial the full international number of the destination you wish to dial - for example, a Thai mobile 00 66 8x xxx xxxx.
  • You will then hear the message “Please hold the line whilst we try to connect your call” at this time our network will be connecting the call to your chosen destination. Please note ringing tones are provided by the international network you are calling and may differ to the UK ring tone you are used to. Occasionally no ring tone will be generated by the network you are calling but the call may still be ringing at the destination.
  • That's it! ... no credit card... no pin... no delay!
  • Calls will be charged to your normal telephone service provider (BT, Cable, Mobile etc) at the published rates.

* Rates shown are in pence per minute from a BT phone and include VAT. These may vary if calling from a mobile or other network provider. Calls billed per second. Minimum call charge 5p. Calls will be charged from the moment of connection.



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